Journal 09/25/2017 (a.m.)

    • The great jazz musician      Miles Davis     was known for his boorishness, especially toward his white fan base. Davis would play his trumpet with his back to the audience and curse at people between sets. “If somebody told me I only had one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man,” he once told a newspaper reporter. “I’d do it nice and slow.” His admirers ate it up.
    • A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last week found that 51% of the country still had a positive view of the nation’s twice-elected first black president, a finding that doesn’t square with Mr. Coates’s view that antiblack bias is ascendant.
    • But what’s most striking about Mr. Coates’s article, and the reason it recalled Miles Davis, is the borderline contempt he displays for his admirers and fellow travelers on the political left. The author’s primary targets are the “white pundits and thought leaders” whom he deems insufficiently anti-Trump.      Joe Biden     and      Bernie Sanders,      along with journalists and academics who sport impeccable left-wing credentials, are taken to task for indulging alternative explanations for Mr. Trump’s win. In Mr. Coates’s telling, there is no acceptable way to view the Trump phenomenon other than through a racial prism.
    • Mr. Packer almost certainly gives Mr. Coates too much credit. Mr. Coates has little use for analytical reasoning and even less interest in changing anyone’s mind on racial matters. He exaggerates black victimization and tells people who already agree with him exactly what they want hear. In the end, racial discourse is worse off. All this reckless use of “white supremacy” only serves to devalue the term in the same way that the word “racist” already has been devalued. Soon, we’ll need a new term to refer to actual white supremacists.
    • Mau-Mauing the Flack Catchers has never been in greater fashion than now.  40 years since Tom Wolfe first described the phenomenon and they are still groveling to the latest Black Anti-Christ.
    • The left has used a number of words as tools to shut down any further discussion on subjects that have become logically indefensible for them.  The power of these words was reinforced by the code of political correctness.  It was a successful strategy for them in the days of an ideologically  monolithic media.    It’s coming apart for them now and they are flailing. 
    • 320,000,000 people in this country.   About 30 (that’s three zero) white (possibly bad) people show up at a confederate monument protest and this makes the US a racist country.   That’s the extent of the analysis the media wants us to believe.
    • 62 million Trump voters are white supremacists, even the black voters.

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