Journal 04/28/2013 (p.m.)

    • Baseball takes its superstitions seriously, and so apparently, the Washington Nationals will run the fourth inning presidents race in reverse, with George Washington winning, as long as the Nats’ winning streak continues
    • A new app for iPhones and iPads lets art viewers see the path a painting took from sketches to completion, from any angle.

      Repentir, a free app developed by researchers in the United Kingdom’s Newcastle University and Northumbria University, works so far with only one painting. But the developers say that the technology could soon be applied to many new paintings, and maybe even old ones.

    • Walsh is a realist painter, which often makes art viewers believe he’s “cheated” by altering photographs or otherwise not really creating his work by hand, Hook told LiveScience.
    • Repentir currently needs “Transamerica” to work, but any artist with digital photography equipment could join the project, Hook said. “Transamerica” will remain on display in Paris until May 2 and then is set to go to the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York, where Hook and his colleagues plan to study whether the app changes the way art lovers approach the painting.

      “The next step is to actually evaluate whether Repentir affects the way that gallery patrons experience Nathan’s work,” Hook said.

    • When Tower Records, a hallowed music store chain with a 46-year history, shuttered its doors at the end of 2006, The Nation called it “the day the music died.”

      Some cried murder, blaming iTunes and the digital music revolution it fueled. An era of musical discovery — rifling through stacks of records or CDs while chatting up a staff that ate, drank and breathed music — had ended.

    • But Apple’s own grip on the music business — based on “owning” digital copies of albums and songs — began to relax after 2010, as subscription and streaming alternatives such as Spotify — not to mention video services from Netflix and Amazon — began to make better use of the very smartphones Apple made popular. “iTunes’ share of U.S. digital music sales has fallen from 69 percent to 63 percent as avid music listeners turn to streaming services,”Bloomberg’s Andy Fixmer recently wrote.

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Journal 04/20/2013 (p.m.)

    • At the same time, prevention through detection is extraordinarily difficult when budding terrorists fade into the background while perversely enjoying the American way of life.


        Intellligence is crucial, and no place needs it more than New York. The NYPD has extended its antennas out where they have to be: in predominantly Muslim communities. This has been derided as spying and falsely characterized as infringing on civil rights. In truth, it’s the critical first line of defense that can never let down its guard.

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